The Production Of Sugar Beet and Raw Materials Area

Production area of sugar factory Crvenka, comprises mostly West-Backa district with the following municipalities: Sombor, Kula, Odzaci, Apatin and municipalities: Backa Topola, Subotica and Backa Palanka.

Annual production occurs at the surface 12 to 14,000 acres, where the factories supplied with approximately 600,000 t of sweet root, which employs its optimal capacity.

Beginning from 2003. year, with the arrival of the new majority owner, the Greek Sugar Industry (EBZ), invested in the improvement of sugar beet production over 10 million, primarily in the purchase of new, modern machinery.

Acquired over 300 tractors

Purchased 9 new, 6-rows beet harvesters

5 sugar-beet cleaners, which cleans and filters sugar-beet at the fields allready

The new system of unloading beets